Penang Trip Day 2: Silence and Motion… and Squeals!

Seh Hui Leong


We woke up really early today (around 10, I think). We are on our own in the morning, since everyone is busy, so we are free to do whatever we want. So there both Tommy and I rushed out to Komtar (next to Prangin Mall) as soon we are done with our early morning routine. There, we had fun with the 1st Mix PLUS machine there, not to mention it’s only 50 cents per game, and each game consist of 5 songs! (AH! Paradise! <3)

After a nice workout, we went to the food stalls near by and try out some Penang delicacies. I order one bowl of Kuey Teow Soup (basically a kind of Chinese noodle) and yum! It’s really yummy and sweet! And then I went to a CD shop… and SQUEAL!!!! J-Euro Non-Stop Best is sitting on one of the racks! And I have Dom to get one copy for me during her Japan trip… Duh! But I bought it anyway, since I knew that one friend of mine would want it anyway :p. (Heh… risk free shopping, I would say XD)

Tommy remembered that he wants to meet up with one of his friends today, so he just called her up and we met her soon after. And then there we go to Gurney Plaza again, since I wanted to check out Tower Records there. We went on a mini bus there, and as expected… it’s not fun. The scorching heat, a packed bus, and no air-conditioning spells disaster to me. And there I am, sweating profusely, wishing that I’m going to get out this soon. But no~ To add salt to the injury, the Penang roads are as jam as usual… perhaps even worse! So there, the 30 minutes bus trip is something that I would certainly remember.

We jumped (literally) out of the bus as soon as we get near there (Thank you, I prefer to walk than to be stuck in that bus for 10 more minutes). So, while Tommy and his friend is walking in the mall, I have to be stationed in Tower Records to meet up with Stanley. So there I go with my CD flippings, and check whether is it real that there’s PPP5 VCD there. To my disappointment, they only had the soundtrack (I got one for Hang anyway). But… saw something shimmers on the rack Even louder SQUEAAAALLLLLLS!!! Guess what I had found!

'SUPER Eurobeat CD'

Yup! It’s SEB 110 and 120 all right! ラッキーlucky!!! It’s extremely rare to see them here, and I was extremely shocked to see them here! And… darn! I did asked Dom (Dom) to get SEB 120 to me, and a RM72 price tag is really something to put some thoughts before I show the cashier the cash. So I just asked Hang whether he wants it… and I pranced gleefully out of Tower Records with these two. Mwa ha ha, SEB110 is finally MIIIINE~ Not to mention I can get my hands on SEB 120 for the first ever time. Sweet~ *Squeals~*

But the excitement did wears out when I have been rooted near the shop for hours to wait for Stanley. And then for Katsuya (since he did said that he’s going to buy us dinner… Gosh, since when I’m so thick faced to accept that offer? XD) Well… at least we get to try out play PPP there, and the best part of it is that it’s placed on a stage (albeit a not-so-stable one)! It’s kinda fun though, but of course, my hunger did somewhat wears my cheery mood off a little and I sensed that I become a little bit inpatient and grumpy later. (Umm… If I do sound like blaming… sorry. I didn’t meant that. -_-“)

Anyway, we finally met with the Surreals later, and we get into a nice Japanese restaurant later. Yum! The udon is really nice <3. (Thanks Katsuya! 😉 ) And my very limited Japanese and Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) skill does have a workout today, since Katsuya speak a lot of Japanese and Hokkien among his team members. I survived with some improvements, but it did left Tommy with lots of question marks on his head :p.

No training today, so we went out for a lot of photo taking and chatting later. It’s a fun night (and cough Katsuya is afraid of snails XD) ;). Stanley have the photos in his digicam, so no pictures yet (I’ll post them once I got my hands on them 😉 ). Then, we went back to our hotel later with Stanley staying today with us. We get to do some para and some cool SEB listening, and we chatted a lot about para, our forums and fashion stuff :p. It’s a fun night! 😉 Speaking of which… hmm, I think I would seriously want to ask some fashion pointers when the Katsuya come down to KL this September.

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