Penang Trip Day 3 (2 May): Departure: Of Panic and Misfortunes

Seh Hui Leong


So it’s finally time for us to depart, before that, we went to Prangin Mall with Stanley one last time (well… as in for this trip, not forever XD) and have fun with the linked machine again. Then we had lunch in a restaurant near by with me trying out the tasty prawn noodles (or Hokkien Mee). Then Tommy and Stanley wanted to go to a cyber cafe to have a few games, and since I know that once I got connected, I can’t get off from it for at least an hour, so I decided to go for a stroll. I told them that I won’t be joining them and promised that I’ll meet them up later.

But when I finished with my stroll and check the cyber cafe, they are no where to be seen. I asked the owner, and he said that they left 15 minutes ago! And at this time, I got really panicked: since the bus is going to depart in 30 minutes! Not to mention that my SIM card in my handphone is giving me problems in time of need! o_O” I got totally panicked, but decided to wait in front of the bus station, so that at least I won’t become a moving target. I prayed hard that we won’t be stuck here in Penang (since I’m pretty much short of funds during that time). But just 5 minutes before the bus departs, they show up. What a relief! And my heartbeat started to slow down its pace.

Then… we took a few more photos with Stanley, with me with some randomness (cough Wait until you see them XD). Then, we say our goodbyes… and just when the bus started to move… I’m starting to miss everything: The linked machine, Surreal members, Stanley… It’s a short time, but we had fun. We waved goodbye in the bus while I’m starting to see Stanley getting smaller and farther from my window…

[As for misfortunes… I got robbed on my way back home… ._.”. I don’t think I need to repeat myself…]

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Seh Hui Leong

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