Corpse Bride

Seh Hui Leong


Went out with Jacob, Melody and Hui Ling today to watch Corpse Bride today.

It’s really a great movie to watch. There’s nothing really new to the storyline, what’s really refreshing about it is most of main plot and transitions are performed in song — It’s almost like watching a musical or sorts. So instead of most animated features that songs seems to be like fillers, the songs in the movie has a lot of substance, which almost conveys a lot of information, dialogue and mood to the film.

Not to mention the puns, funny wordplay and the coordinating verbal and visual humour (mostly in the world of the dead scenes) the production team has put in. Some are really smart that I really laugh a lot at it.

And the love triangle storyline progresses between Victor, Victoria and (Corpse) Emily was handled so well that it is presented a unpretentious way. And the voice acting is really superb that it really conveys the mood beautifully. It really made me connecting to the characters instantly, feeling the joy, hurt and pain for the characters.

The only thing is that the movie comes with a side effect: I get to relate to those main characters so deeply that it really reminds me of myself. I really cried at some point… As hurtful as it seems, yet I knew very well that love is a freedom and not an imprisonment of oneself and others, especially the people we love a lot.

Anyway, in other news, I got myself a graphics tablet, a Genius Wizardpen 5x4 :). Probably I’ll fool around enough to create some good art. It’s been quite some time I haven’t do much graphical stuff lately. Thinking of using it to draw artwork for my sites.

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