It’s Been A While… ParaGroove! POWER! :D

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Finally I got round to edit these two videos, which has been sitting on my hard disk for like… months? 😆

Make Your Move / Van T.K. and Kiki & Fancy


I loved this song instantly after I got it from Ahmed, and it JUST so needs a routine 😛 (This song is a WHORE!!! <3<3<3 XDDDD). The intro is pretty much nailed down as soon as I heard it, but it did took me a while to choreo the sabi, somehow I really liked the triangular stepping sequence and I really wanted to included it in the dance.

Are You Ready To Fly / Sophie


This is one of those choreographs that I come out in 20 minutes XD. Great song from Sophie, and the choreograph is pretty simple, which resembles the kind of para during its time of release. 😊

Note: The MPEGs may be a little bit distorted/squished when you play it in Windows Media Player, probably due to the weird aspect ratio that is encoded into the video. But it works fine with other players like QuickTime and PowerDVD.

Just a random note, colour scheme selected in remembrance of my makeover attempt last year :p.

Anyway~ Been busy working on my site template for The Digital Blue Wave, probably it’d be finished by today or tomorrow :).

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