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Seh Hui Leong


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From Osho Times Online: Your Answers Quetioned on Emotions (Apr 30, 2006 Issue)

Lovable You — Warts ’N All!

I feel caught up in deep shame feelings about my body. I have a hormonal imbalance which makes it quite hairy, and I don’t like my weight. Before, I was thin — I still didn’t like it.

Nothing is wrong in being hairy, mm? And nothing is wrong in being fat! They are just ideas that have been put in your mind by others.

In fact all human bodies are hairy; it is an unnatural state that they are not hairy. It is because of clothes that hairs have disappeared. Naturally, it is not an imbalance; you are more natural than other people!

It is just as animals have hair — that is their only protection from cold. When man was nude and in the caves, he had that as protection. The body is still the same. Just because of clothes, shelter, the need is not there, but sometimes a few people’s bodies function in a very natural way, so those hairs come.

I don’t take it that you are in some way abnormal — you are simply normal. In fact, it is how it should be. The body’s inner hormone system has not changed just because we have started using clothes. The body has not changed its hormonal system; it is still there.

And if people start remaining more and more nude — on the beaches, in the rivers… and by and by in the future centuries when people will be more nude…. Because to be nude is so beautiful and so healthy, and such a joy, that next century is going to be of nude humanity — and again hairs will start coming.

So I don’t think that there is anything wrong, or that you have to worry about the hormones.

I don’t think that you are fat. There are ten times more fat women than you! — this is nothing. In fact in India, at least this much fat is thought to be beautiful. The West has a very different notion. Have you seen Indian film actresses’ pictures? They are all fat. You will not find a single woman who can win the world contest in the west— not a single film actress. In India, unless a woman is full of fat, nobody likes her! And my feeling is that they are right…natural.

When a woman is skinny and bony, and the fat is not there on the body, that simply shows that she is not yet able to become a mother, that’s all. A woman gathers more fat than a man. It is a natural thing because when the child is in the womb, the mother needs some reservoir of fat — the child takes too much fat out of the body. By and by, as the pregnancy grows, the mother will not be able to eat much. So it is a natural protection for nine months. So women gather more fat than men — they have to; that is simply natural.

In the West, women who are trying not to become fat, not to become weighty, and who are continuously on a diet, are doing very unnatural things. They are constantly torturing themselves; their dieting is a torture. They cannot eat what they want to eat, and they have to eat what they never want to eat. They have continuously to fight with their body. Again and again they relapse, and again they eat something. and again the weight grows. All nonsense! One should be simply natural. And I don’t think that you are overweight or anything.

Drop your ideas — these ideas are simply nonsense! Start enjoying yourself! And if you have these ideas, they are dangerous. If you feel that you are not beautiful and you are not this and you are not that, then even if somebody comes and falls in love with you, you will not trust him. You will say, “He must be deceiving; how can he love me?” Even you cannot love yourself, so this man must be a cheat! He must have some other design, some other trick — you are not going to be trapped! And you will try to prove that you are right. You will try to destroy the relationship in every way so your whole idea can be again protected — that “Yes, I am not beautiful. Look! That man has left me.” You will create such a situation that he has to leave you!

This is a very suicidal attitude. Drop all nonsense! Start loving yourself. If you love yourself, only then can somebody else love you; otherwise you won’t allow anybody to come close to you. If you are so afraid of your body, how can you tolerate somebody else adoring your body? You cannot tolerate! Either he will look a stupid man or like somebody who is trying to deceive you. Drop this!

It is a simple understanding. The world is so vast, and everybody has a different body…and they have to be different! You fall in love with your body! Mm? There is nothing wrong.

…But you drop this nonsense — it is simply just nonsense! It is nothing much to be made a fuss about. Don’t make it a big problem. It is nothing. Drop it…and once you have, you will suddenly see that doors have started opening, and some fool is going to fall in love with you! (chuckling)

Blessed Are the Ignorant

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