The 2007 Resolution

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

Here’s a review of last year’s resolution:

  • Continue to expand Probably focusing first on The Digital Blue Wave and the creation of Yappari! no Sekai de and ParaGroove! website, then working slowly towards the main site (PEDAGOGIES)

    Commentary: This is the ONE item that I had never worked on it this year :(. I’m not really even sure whether I had the interest to pick up web design as a hobby… well, I used to have the passion for that when I was 16-18. I’m not sure whether is it that I needed a greater drive or interest in order for me to do that… since I update my LJ more often these days.

    Hmm… I think I do need to dump the whole project and figure out something that I would like to achieve.

  • Attain an asset of RM25,000 (without considering my study loan)

    Commentary: I was quite close in hitting this target ^^||, which give me that “Awww damn! I nearly made it!” kind of feeling. But there’s quite a sense of achievement for to getting close to attain this goal. One thing that I’m glad of is that I manage to have my loan converted to a scholarship (which practically means that I’m living with 0 credit) and my mutual funds are giving me nice paper returns (thanks to the current economy, I guess)

    … But in retrospect, accumulating wealth seems to lose it meaning when I’m at a loss of direction in life ^-^|| (see the previous few drifting thoughts post). Well… I don’t know, at the moment, I’m pretty much doing my best to keep myself to survive and save up as much as I can without sacrificing personal enjoyment (emm… more like consolation?). Pretty much have to tough it out throughout my current emotional slump period.

  • Learning my Japanese until I’m able to comprehend more advance material. Ideally I should be able to understand what Ayu is singing without looking at the lyrics booklet, checking out the latest news in Avex’s website and The ability to understand Japanese anime is a bonus :).

    Commentary: I’m doing good progress, but not good enough to reach an advance level. At least I’m starting to be able to read, listen and understand some basic sentences. My vocabulary isn’t good enough yet, think I should work on that first before I touch some advanced grammar.

    And so… that pretty much means that all my resolutions have to be carried forward ^^||.

Anyway, here’s my 2007 list:

  • (Optional) Work out on my personal website on something that I have great passion for
  • Attain an asset of RM45,000 (I’m raising that bar again. RM20K seems pretty hard, to be honest. But since I’m studying more about common stocks, I think this should give me a good goal to achieve)
  • Continue to learn my Japanese, working more extensively on my own vocabulary. (Optional) Take up an elementary Japanese proficiency test would be a plus
  • Continue with my efforts to improve and understanding myself. This pretty much applies to… well… I think it’s more about self acceptance, really. Continue to pick up courage and grow from all the challenges and mistakes that I had in life.
  • Improve my financial knowledge and start to plan on my dreams and goals in life. This is going to be tough on me as I find my own dreams and goals have been shattered at one point last year… that’s something for myself to figure about

Think that’s pretty much it at the moment. Will add onto the list if there’s anything that I missed out.

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Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.