Transition Poem: Reprise - A Journey Revisited

Seh Hui Leong


A year and a half has passed, the draft that was left dusting for a year…

Putting the missing pieces together and a whole new chapter was born, with hopes that one day I could finally assemble another big part of my own puzzles in life.

Chapter 5: My Way Home

June 2006

Throughout my journey, I have gained much, I have lost much as well.
Threading the path, I have loved much, I have hated much as well.

Through the time and tide, sometimes I felt lost, yet sometimes I was found
Through the faces and places, sometimes I was blind, yet sometimes I can see

The many things around me,
The many secrets within me,
In one way or the other
Unlocked some of the doors,
Unlocked some of the chains

The many experiences I tasted,
The many discoveries I found,
In some way or the other
Opened my eyes
Unleashed my senses

Vague as it seems
The path I saw now
Was the way “home”
Whatever that is
Which I had been ignorant enough to comprehend

Many pains yet to be endured
Many sadness yet to be encountered
Many challenges yet to be faced
Many things yet to be released…

The journey ahead
Was not as simple as it seems
And yet
It’s the path that I chose

Let my whole being tremble!
Let my whole being be shattered!
Let my doubts be cleared!

Only then,
I will know
That I have reached
To a place of no return…

And that’s only the beginning…

Chapter 6: Reprise - A Journey Revisited

January 2008

From the beginning
The times I was yet unborn
I had wished that I could
see everything through

Picking up fragments
among the remnants of the past
Then I started to understand
the deeper aspects
of whom I really am

Only I understood now…
That being able to seeing it through
isn’t enough
As all I could see
a never-ending cycle ever repeated

Doubting the journey ahead
Whether I should turn back
Lessons seemed never understood

Would moving ahead
could enrich me with such enlightenment
of the deeper meaning of lessons learnt?
A never-ending journey

Written by

Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.