TechZing: A FREE Tech Podcast So Good I Paid for It

Seh Hui Leong


'TechZing Podcast Logo' No matter how frugal I am in real life to a point of borderline stinginess, I gladly pay a premium to any mind-blowingly awesome and highly valuable stuff.

And I’m really glad to pony up some money to donate and support TechZing: a weekly tech podcast that I have followed since the beginning.

Honestly the donation I made is really minuscule compared to the value that I had gotten from my personal top-five great interviews on the show over the years (in chronological order):

  1. Peldi Guilizzoni, founder of Balsamiq (Episode #4, Episode #14)
  2. Jason Cohen, founder of SmartBear Software ([Episode #12][ep 12], Episode #14)
  3. [Pete Michaud][peter] (Episode #38)
  4. Rob Walling, serial micropreneur (Episode #56)
  5. Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby (Episode #70)

What I really liked about the podcast is Justin’s and Jason’s ability to really make the guests at ease and often engaging in a conversation that shows a more human and personal side of the guests that you won’t easily get by just reading their blogs. To me it really feels like I’m personally acquainted and engaged with them: the feeling is pretty magical considering listening to podcasts is a really passive activity. (Check out the interview with Derek!)

Hats off to Jason for doing all the extensive pre-interview research and asking engaging questions!

They also have weekly discussion shows which would regard as weekly entertainment for highly intelligent people :). Every week Justin and Jason would talk about some really interesting topics, mainly on tech and startup but sometimes would really go off-tangent to talk about highly entertaining things like human psychology and UFOs (Heck! They even have a UFO historian as a guest in one interview show! How cool was that!)

Really, go check it out!

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Seh Hui Leong

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