Divergent Paths

Seh Hui Leong


Divergent Paths by Seh Hui

This is also another card-art that I doodled out of randomness years back.

I remembered that this piece came out of my thought exercises of questioning my “what if”’s – the very questioning of the decisions, action and inactions of the past.

I don’t particularly enjoy this activity – it’s just an invitation to a barrage of self-defeating emotions and regret. Maybe it’s just an issue of personal strength and confidence? Considering that there are indeed a lot of life decisions or forgotten dreams that aren’t too late to pursue.

The question is: are you willing to put forth the effort? Or are you just content just sitting there dreaming about it? Or worse, hoping that the positive changes will fall on your lap?

Written by

Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.