Other Avenues of Expression

Seh Hui Leong


'My Other Journal' by Seh Hui

It been months I had it now, but I now had my own paper journal that I’m proud of owning.

It’s actually one of those “way too expensive” things that I found at Kinokuniya which I have adored for quite some time and only recently had the resolve to cough up a premium to get it (and for those who didn’t know, I’m quite a stationery nerd ;)): It’s a fabric bound, bright yellow, B5-sized ring binder file from Kokuyo, which really had sex appeal that immediately catches people’s eye without going blind (yellow is one of those bright colours that I’m quite allergic to, to be honest). Somehow the colour really gave me an feeling of joy, creativity and playfulness and it’s a joy to feel the …

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'Creativity' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


Partly influenced by a scene in Honey and Clover (I think even the description below was probably my retelling and interpretation of the narration of that particular scene), I sort of sketched out the thing about the creative process in which creative ideas can be seen like a black box of sorts containing materials that could potentially be manifested into a particular form.

Through a human nature of curiosity and a fulfilling need to express oneself, vision or just plain playfulness, we tend to find ourselves immersed in piecing the pieces together and make something out of it using our own hands.

However, being a world as it is: ours is a world filled with infinite possibilities, there’s times that when our eyes were set on a farther horizon, all we could see is …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: There’s times when I fell like a dick

Seh Hui Leong


'Crushed by Expectations' by Seh Hui

Recently found myself overwhelmed by expectations: mostly those of my own. Recently been reading, listening and watching stuff from successful people via blogs, articles, books, podcasts and webcasts. So much in fact that I felt quite overwhelmed, in a way.

It quite funny in the sense that when your eyes are much more open once you listen to the more enlighten spots that people had reached, it’s hard not to feel a bit… ummm, small? ^-^|| Like, at some point the feeling of being inferior sort of kicks in and makes me anxious and impatient to get into the spot of “being successful”, even though I’d admit now that the definition of “success” is more like “whatever they had achieved”. For one thing there’s nothing wrong about wanting what people have had right …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: Story of a Helium Balloon

Seh Hui Leong


![http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/seh_hui/livejournal/Photo-0230.jpg](‘Helium Balloon of Memories’ by Seh Hui){: .img-responsive}

Look! A helium balloon!” I said to myself as I was distracted from my reading.

It was yesterday as I was waiting for quite some time for my bus to arrive at night. Typically to make good use of time I’ll open up my book which I brought with me and start to flip through the pages. Usually I find myself having to take reading breaks more often as the mixture of the cool hues of fluorescent lights and the orange hues from the street lamps behind makes my eyes easily weary.

Upon a quick glance as I close my book, the sight of a floating, brightly coloured Ultraman balloon caught my attention. For some reasons …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: Quick 2009 Resolution

'Dawning' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


As an exception, I’m not going to review my 2008 resolution as it turns out that I can pretty much sum up my progress in one line: most of them achieving to an acceptable (but not necessarily satisfying) standard. Would rather set out my rough plans for 2009 onwards and sort of plug in the holes and details as I go along.

I believe that the theme for 2009 would definitely be the fact of setting myself up: grooming and preparing myself to bigger things in life. The critical ingredients that I needed to develop now is surely confidence and how to establish powerful relationships with people - which, in another way of putting it, is to form my own “dream team”.

With that goal in mind, critical thinking, creativity, devotion and courage proves to …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: 转捩点 [Turning Point]

Seh Hui Leong


'Overcoming' by Seh Hui

Sometimes, it’s not the big decisions or events that would create an impact. There’s times when little things would completely turn your viewpoint completely.

This time, all I did was reflecting back myself and was made aware of my own immaturities and rash actions/decisions.

There has been a saying that rings true in this case “Experience is what you get from your mistakes”. There’s many things that can only be learnt from my own blunders and weaknesses, there’s times I find myself causing hurt and pain to others and only to realize later the damage I had done.

It’s already not about whether I’m being right or wrong - it’s about whether I’m doing the right things right. And often it’s an art that needs to …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: Reflecting myself

Seh Hui Leong


'Adrift' by Seh Hui


Here I am again, dozing off in an imaginary state. Not in boredom, but having my thoughts drift away, pondering about life again. This time round it’s about purpose in life.

From what I can recall from memory, this is one of the more critical questions that I find myself not actually putting much thought or probably has been neglected for quite some time. Come to think about it, I have been living without a clear sense of vision for as long as I remember: it has been mentioned a couple times here that I felt as if I’m a drifting log, deep asleep.

I wonder…”, I asked, “what have I done for the past 25 years in my life”. Nothing particularly dear to hold on to, memories are all faded …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: 锦囊妙计 (Wise Counsel)

Seh Hui Leong


'Unexpected Counsel' by Seh Hui


A freed prisoner going to a bar
Drinking a few to nurse his sorrows
Exercise patience when something’s irritates
Practice forgiveness for things that’s outside your concern

I have encountered deja vu just yesterday: I was seeing a reflection of myself - the exact kind of brashness I would have made was made towards me. With such realization, that impression really stroke me hard.

It’s a strong unintended reminder to examine myself again.

So in a way I got a hard lesson (at least internally) today, that there are times that I have to swallow my pride and admit my own mistakes. At the same time I need to evaluate and understand my current position and influences, and keeping my antenna up on knowing what kind of role I …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: Dim Light from the Heart

'Lotus' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong



Recently have been spending some time doing some soul-searching, drafting notes along the way in attempts to form a vision of what I would like to be. Sort of like a mission statement of sorts.

At times like this, it seemed to shed light to me on a reality that I have been avoiding either consciously or unconsciously: the fact that in order to live your own dreams, you have to sacrifices dreams as well. The fact that you can have as many dreams that one can possibly imagine of with out own unlimited creative capacity, but the fact remains that no dreams will be able manifest itself should you find yourself having dreams that are conflicting with each other and without clear priorities. Then you would find out …

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Today’s Drifting Thoughts: Perception

Seh Hui Leong


'Tuesdays with Morrie'

Just wanted to share to you a very inspiring book that has recently left me with a strong impact: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Pretty much right on the nail when I needed the change of perception.

Just to give you an idea about the book, this book is about the interaction between the author Mitch Albom and his close professor Morrie, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and was slowly dying as his neurological system slowly disintegrates.

The story narrates the last fourteen weeks of Morrie’s life, which Mitch had his last fourteen “classes” on Tuesdays which is part of a “thesis” done between the two. Through those Tuesdays, they talk about every strand of life which is concerns us as humans, among them: regret, emotions, love, money, aging… and of …

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