Poem in Prose: Asylum

Seh Hui Leong


~ #3 ~

Running away
On a lost path
Without an end
in sight

A unknown shadow
An instinct
“to escape from…?”

~ #2 ~

A distant past
with a vision
so bright

A weary soul
“that I’m trying”

~ #1 ~

The ominous shadow
with a terror
unable to subside

A frozen pair of eyes
timidly asking
“What is it”

~ #0 ~

or so it seemed
Yet left nothing
in sight

A clueless soul

Impromptu: Price

Seh Hui Leong


The reason these businesses could thrive is because I have the potential to afford them.

(Thought arise when I was passing through high-end, classy and premium branded stores, of which everything carries a mind-blowing price tag… for the time being)

Impromptu: Trust

Seh Hui Leong


all but leaving with just a hope, with its guiding light will lead me to paradise

Poem in Prose: never wanting to be awake

Seh Hui Leong


there’s times,
when one is almost inconsolable
engulfing heart throbs
a strong pain from within

looking up at the stars
with teary eyes
alone on the street
a sense of loneliness from within

reaching out of a mirage of you
a close smiling face that
could never be reached
a painful yearning from within

calling out your name
only echoes of my own helplessness
rings back to me
who’s going to answer back to me?

oh, wishing star
where could you be
at this moment of complete despair?
a darkness that cannot be dispelled
by millions of stars far away

was becoming strong
the only answer to continue on?
yet i felt as if hope alone
will never be a float
keeping me from drowning

despite a pride
that will never accept
yet …

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Impromptu: My Side of the Fence

Seh Hui Leong


Probably it’s because all the while I have been on my side of the fence that I could never comprehend further and beyond.

Impromptu: Being Sure

Seh Hui Leong


The thing about the paradox of love is that everyone seemed wanting assurance, but once one gained the greatly misunderstood type of “assurance”, it’s never love anymore.

… so do you think you understood love? I know I don’t anymore. 😊

Transition Poem: Reprise - A Journey Revisited

Seh Hui Leong


A year and a half has passed, the draft that was left dusting for a year…

Putting the missing pieces together and a whole new chapter was born, with hopes that one day I could finally assemble another big part of my own puzzles in life.

Chapter 5: My Way Home

June 2006

Throughout my journey, I have gained much, I have lost much as well.
Threading the path, I have loved much, I have hated much as well.

Through the time and tide, sometimes I felt lost, yet sometimes I was found
Through the faces and places, sometimes I was blind, yet sometimes I can see

The many things around me,
The many secrets within me,
In one way or the other
Unlocked some of the doors,
Unlocked some of the chains

The many …

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Emo Log: 意味がわかる?

Seh Hui Leong






Emo Log?: 重叠

Seh Hui Leong




The myriad of dreams, painted with different shades and patterns every single time, just as one’s desires changing and evolving every single time.

But it seemed that once the dream was put on a halt, that I started to see, that overlapping image.

Emo Log?: 无法言喻的心情

Seh Hui Leong