Divergent Paths

Seh Hui Leong


Divergent Paths by Seh Hui

This is also another card-art that I doodled out of randomness years back.

I remembered that this piece came out of my thought exercises of questioning my “what if”’s – the very questioning of the decisions, action and inactions of the past.

I don’t particularly enjoy this activity – it’s just an invitation to a barrage of self-defeating emotions and regret. Maybe it’s just an issue of personal strength and confidence? Considering that there are indeed a lot of life decisions or forgotten dreams that aren’t too late to pursue.

The question is: are you willing to put forth the effort? Or are you just content just sitting there dreaming about it? Or worse, hoping that the positive changes will fall on your lap?

Authentic Self

Seh Hui Leong


Authentic Self by Seh Hui

We are born pure, without pretension.

I may have grown up to whoever I am now, and yet it’s possible that I may not be completely born yet. I’ve been raised and get used to following and chasing what others has told us to do, what ideals we should pursue, what standards to meet. From time to time, I feel a cry from within – a thug felt in the heart, sorrow and misery seeping in and felt through my veins.

What do I feel, I could not explain.

May be, just may be, there’s an inner baby within myself – wanting to be born, to see the world with fresh eyes. If that’s true, please let it be born: breaking away the husk, the shell and the façade, let me be alive …

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Seh Hui Leong


'Intuition' by Seh Hui

I couldn’t put it more succinct than that.

This particularly applies to my current situation when I find myself restless and constantly seeking out for answers. Combined with my natural tendencies to hoard, I would overload myself with information on how to do something, believing that I need to know everything I possibly can before making the move.

And I forget that the main barrier is actually not taking the first step to make it happens. It’s way more important to allow myself to stop and turn within, as there are answers that I couldn’t possibly seek from the outside.

Honestly I haven’t allow my intuition to flow through me. It’s time for me to slow down and cultivate a space for myself to tune in and tap into that …

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Desperations of a Shy Guy

Seh Hui Leong


'Mr Shy Guy' by Seh Hui

Some day in the future I’ll be looking back and laugh at myself over this, but that’s OK.


Seh Hui Leong


'Contemplation' by Seh Hui

This is originally drawn on the cover of a notebook that I carry in my pocket. It serves as a reminder to me to capture all the thoughts and ideas I had, which may pass by me at any moment.

The We In Me

Seh Hui Leong


'We In Me' by Seh Hui

This art is greatly inspired by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor’s phenomenal TED talk: to be more specific about it’s the second part of the talk when she tries to express her out-of-the-world experience during the time when had a stroke.

I really wished that I could expand further what transpired me during those mesmerizing moments listening to her and coming up with this piece of art. My own inept attempt to describe it is that I hold on to the concept of “me” (the ego), that I’m separate from other entities within this plane of existence. However, I’m having a belief, or rather a hypothesis if you would put it that way, that there indeed exists a collective consciousness that bind us as a unifying whole, or wholeness.

There’s no …

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Driving Success

Seh Hui Leong


'Driving Success' by Seh Hui

Back in primary school, we have a subject for life skills and one of the practical lessons that I remember most is woodworking. We’d have one workshop that situated at a remote corner of the school compound, which is built out of wood and looks a little out-of-place among the concrete buildings that surrounded it.

In there, there are lots of cupboards with toolboxes, rows of saws, hammers and other larger woodworking tools hanging on one side of the wall. The floors are totally covered in saw dust which never seem to be completely swept away cleanly no matter how much effort one have to put into sweeping it.

One of the projects is to build a small wooden stool. We’d first need to saw out pieces of wood into symmetrical polygonal shapes …

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Overwhelm as a Warning Sign

Seh Hui Leong


'Overwhelm' by Seh Hui

“Overwhelm is a sign of misaligned priorities.” was what I tweeted a while back.

Especially if you fail to say no, delegate tasks or have an inability to postpone certain tasks if need be. This reminds me a lot of Steven Covey’s First Things First (if you constantly find yourself putting out fires, something’s terribly wrong) and David Allen’s Getting Things Done (the importance of being able to immediately categorize incoming tasks and file them away somewhere if it doesn’t need to be handled immediately).

Getting myself organized and getting things done are two of the key skills that I constantly need to learn and improve upon. I really loved how David described that it’s like going to a dojo everyday, where constant ritual practice is crucial to master the …

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Hustle Hustle

Seh Hui Leong


'Hustling' by Seh Hui

Am in a hustling mode these days, spending hours till late to work on two personal projects of mine: Mutual Tracker as well as Fix My Meeting.

Honestly been hitting several motivational brick walls with Fix My Meeting. The act of creating is hard: it’s often a constant battle with my own flaws such as procrastination, fatigue, occasional disinterest, frustration, self-doubt and fear. Seth Godin term such this phase as “The Dip”: the time when the initial enthusiasm peters off and the frustrations starts to kick in.

It’s good that I had several unimplemented features for Mutual Tracker which I had in the back-burner for months. Though admittedly the reason I had features for it being left at the back-burner is the fact that I couldn’t get over the dip during that …

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Are You Letting A Nut Running Your Life?

Seh Hui Leong


'Amygdala' by Seh Hui

Let’s introduce the nutty little friend that inside the brain of every one of us: the amygdala. The little friend of ours are a group of small nuclei in our brain, having the size of a peanut. It may be tiny, but it has been a part of us since the very early days of our human species.

The fact is that this little friend of our is so crucial that, without it, we wouldn’t have roamed the earth till this day. It ensures our very survival by triggering two of the strongest emotional responses we had: fear and rage. With that, our ancestors are able to flee from predators as well as fighting against them. This allows us to conquer the harsh odds that were stacked against us in survival and becoming …

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