Letting Go

Seh Hui Leong


'Letting Go' by Seh Hui

How many times does one fall in love
to someone that is so beautiful and dear
and unable to grasp and hold it close

My gaze remain locked
at this beautiful thing
swimming about gracefully
without any concern of the attention it receives

I clasps my hands together
On one hand, it’s as if I’m begging
for it to come to me
While on the other, letting my internal tensions
fade away through my fingertips
slowly, gently, with ease…
and to let it go…

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Caging Oneself

'Caging Oneself' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


Bolting up
It’s easy to lock myself in
Shielded away from the outside world

Feeling secure
Despite knowing it’s only my illusion
In a world that doesn’t seem to care

It’s perfectly fine
Staying inside, wallowing in a sea of gray
For a while — for a cloud to slowly pass by

The existence of the bolting lock
And a world that’s colored by myself

Time to get out… Unlock

Poem in Prose: Asylum

Seh Hui Leong


~ #3 ~

Running away
On a lost path
Without an end
in sight

A unknown shadow
An instinct
“to escape from…?”

~ #2 ~

A distant past
with a vision
so bright

A weary soul
“that I’m trying”

~ #1 ~

The ominous shadow
with a terror
unable to subside

A frozen pair of eyes
timidly asking
“What is it”

~ #0 ~

or so it seemed
Yet left nothing
in sight

A clueless soul

Poem in Prose: never wanting to be awake

Seh Hui Leong


there’s times,
when one is almost inconsolable
engulfing heart throbs
a strong pain from within

looking up at the stars
with teary eyes
alone on the street
a sense of loneliness from within

reaching out of a mirage of you
a close smiling face that
could never be reached
a painful yearning from within

calling out your name
only echoes of my own helplessness
rings back to me
who’s going to answer back to me?

oh, wishing star
where could you be
at this moment of complete despair?
a darkness that cannot be dispelled
by millions of stars far away

was becoming strong
the only answer to continue on?
yet i felt as if hope alone
will never be a float
keeping me from drowning

despite a pride
that will never accept
yet …

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Transition Poem: Reprise - A Journey Revisited

Seh Hui Leong


A year and a half has passed, the draft that was left dusting for a year…

Putting the missing pieces together and a whole new chapter was born, with hopes that one day I could finally assemble another big part of my own puzzles in life.

Chapter 5: My Way Home

June 2006

Throughout my journey, I have gained much, I have lost much as well.
Threading the path, I have loved much, I have hated much as well.

Through the time and tide, sometimes I felt lost, yet sometimes I was found
Through the faces and places, sometimes I was blind, yet sometimes I can see

The many things around me,
The many secrets within me,
In one way or the other
Unlocked some of the doors,
Unlocked some of the chains

The many …

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Poem in Prose: Mr. Right

Seh Hui Leong










- 给我对你的怀念而写,从中希望能够给予自己些不曾存在的安慰 -

Maybe, just restlessly
finding that
unattainable “self”

On that accidental moment
I found from you
that taste of the “perfect self”

Is it that’s what it had been called as “love”?
Actually I’m didn’t really understood myself
Only knew
to get close to you with all my might
Hoping that I’m able to grasp something
Hoping that from you point of view
(I’m) able to see some different colours

the world was never perfect

From the day we separated
your smile in the past never …

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Poem in Prose: Unfulfillable Wish

Seh Hui Leong


… Is it that… what I wished for… is humanly impossible…?”

Sensing the potentiality, but yet no guides on how to reach there…
Will you want to explore? Will you take that adventure?
At times it’s only certain that I’ll be lost in such a distant place
In the midst of nowhere
Rushing restlessly… directionless…
Lingering on things that seemingly able cling on to
Only to realize the millions of illusions around me

… What does it really mean… by penetrating deeply…?”

Time and time again, finding myself forming ideas
Likes clouds on the sky, gathering at one time… dispersing in another
Finding myself mistaken things every once in a while
Times that I thought I knew,
then came times when invalidation tears everything apart
In the end, what do I really have?
Only the …

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Poem: Startin’ Over

Seh Hui Leong






Startin’ over


The things that I really wanted is really so far away…
Seeing this scenery, it’s really hard not to cry….

Let the tears of warmth be released
Only to realize, the tears being pent up inside
Is really a lot!

Is it that I’m really tired?
Why not just give myself a rest then decide

The road ahead seemed so uneven
Looks like if I don’t strive even harder
I’ll lose everything!

Just go on one more time
Startin’ over
Trying to understand everything from the very beginning

The things that I really wanted is really so far away…
But at least I’m able to see…
That it really exists in front of me

Poem: Diquiet In Silence

Seh Hui Leong


Disquiet In Silence

又是和以前一样 | Still like the same in the past
两个人在车子中 | Two people in the same car
默默在思绪徘徊 | Silently strolling back and forth in thought

笼罩着车的静寂 | The silence surrounding the car
对比着车外喧哗 | Contrasts the hustle outside it
是默契还是疏离 | Is it a silent togetherness or a unspoken separation

右边的往前注视 | The one on the right staring the front
左边的东张西望 | The one on the left looking all around
看着那不同风景 | Seeing completely different views

手似乎有了习惯 | The hand, as if developed a habit
在车座试图越界 | Attempting to cross the line on the seat
打量着两人距离 | Kept on guessing the distance between the two

脸上的若无其事 | That indifference on the face
总是隐藏不了那 | Always incapable to hide that
手心的糊涂急迫 | Stupid impatience of the hand

眼眸又不时注视 | The eyes still surveys from time to time
蠢蠢欲动的冲动 | That blundering longing
是手心还是心呢 | Is on the hands or the …

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Transition Poem: My Way Home

Seh Hui Leong


Chapter 4 — The Awakening

December 2005

Deep asleep…
All this while
I was hushed gently
that it’s time to wake up

Never easy
To open up
My whole being trembling
Knowing everything will change completely

It’s never
An easy journey
Where hope and pain
Intertwined together as one entity

Finally realised
How to live…
That I can’t be
Staying in the dark forever

Slowly approaching
My eyes opening…
This is my awakening
With my eyes watching attentively

Appreciating all experiences that enriches my being…

~ Continuously, to seek, to understand and to appreciate:
It’s an endless pilgrimage
towards the ultimate goal.
Forever… Together…~

- Felix Leong’s In Hues of Blue: From Malaysia with love -

Chapter 5: My Way Home

June 2006

Throughout my journey, I have gained much, I have lost much …

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