Fear.Less Magazine – May 2011 Issue on EPUB and Kindle

Seh Hui Leong


For the longest time, I’m curious of how e-books are created – and wondered how much effort does it take to create one.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I took the latest issue of Fear.Less magazine and worked on it, since I hate reading PDFs from Kindle (it’s a totally horrible experience). Since Calibre did a horrible job in converting it (due to the complex layout), I used the output from Calibre and worked everything by hand. And here’s the end results!

Download the magazine for:

On creating the e-book

For starters, EPUB is indeed a glorified zip file with HTML, CSS, images and some metadata files. And since it’s HTML, it’s all about learning the quirks and …

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Going Through Rough Seas

Seh Hui Leong


'Rough Seas' by Seh Hui

Have been going through a rough patch for the past two weeks, and it’s comforting to see the first milestone among many that guides me towards the destination.

For two weekends I have worked on a new feature for Mutual Tracker after a year since it’s inception. It was a rough ride considering how much stuff that I had to learn about PDF parsing and scraping data off ASP.NET pages.

I still have yet to tie everything together and delivering them live. Hopefully I could achieve it by next week. Take it as a publicly announced deadline that I had set for myself.

Speaking of development, I have tons of fun with my iPad and even more recently the Kindle 3. Having too much fun, perhaps. By physically interacting with the device …

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Hustle Hustle

Seh Hui Leong


'Hustling' by Seh Hui

Am in a hustling mode these days, spending hours till late to work on two personal projects of mine: Mutual Tracker as well as Fix My Meeting.

Honestly been hitting several motivational brick walls with Fix My Meeting. The act of creating is hard: it’s often a constant battle with my own flaws such as procrastination, fatigue, occasional disinterest, frustration, self-doubt and fear. Seth Godin term such this phase as “The Dip”: the time when the initial enthusiasm peters off and the frustrations starts to kick in.

It’s good that I had several unimplemented features for Mutual Tracker which I had in the back-burner for months. Though admittedly the reason I had features for it being left at the back-burner is the fact that I couldn’t get over the dip during that …

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