Building Up

'Seedling' by _sjg_, on Flickr

Seh Hui Leong


My journey in Mindvalley is definitely an interesting one. When I first joined the company, I’ve been working on CustomerHugs — which is a web service for users to collect reviews and testimonials from Facebook users.

Unfortunately it is a service that didn’t caught on and was now being in hibernation mode and isn’t actively being supported at the moment1. So in October last year, I was being assigned to my second solo project.

The Second Act

The original idea is to come up with a supplementary API service that complements with UrbanAirship‘s in-app purchase service — to be more specific about it, I’m assigned to come up with an API service that would provide just enough tools to create a more flexible in-app purchase store front for mobile apps, while …

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Fear.Less Magazine – May 2011 Issue on EPUB and Kindle

Seh Hui Leong


For the longest time, I’m curious of how e-books are created – and wondered how much effort does it take to create one.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I took the latest issue of Fear.Less magazine and worked on it, since I hate reading PDFs from Kindle (it’s a totally horrible experience). Since Calibre did a horrible job in converting it (due to the complex layout), I used the output from Calibre and worked everything by hand. And here’s the end results!

Download the magazine for:

On creating the e-book

For starters, EPUB is indeed a glorified zip file with HTML, CSS, images and some metadata files. And since it’s HTML, it’s all about learning the quirks and …

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TechZing: A FREE Tech Podcast So Good I Paid for It

Seh Hui Leong


'TechZing Podcast Logo' No matter how frugal I am in real life to a point of borderline stinginess, I gladly pay a premium to any mind-blowingly awesome and highly valuable stuff.

And I’m really glad to pony up some money to donate and support TechZing: a weekly tech podcast that I have followed since the beginning.

Honestly the donation I made is really minuscule compared to the value that I had gotten from my personal top-five great interviews on the show over the years (in chronological order):

  1. Peldi Guilizzoni, founder of Balsamiq (Episode #4, Episode #14)
  2. Jason Cohen, founder of SmartBear Software ([Episode #12][ep 12], Episode #14)
  3. [Pete Michaud][peter] (Episode #38)
  4. Rob Walling, serial micropreneur (Episode #56)
  5. Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby (Episode #70)

What I really liked about the podcast is Justin’s and …

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The iPad Shopping Marathon and #geekcamp

Seh Hui Leong


Just to make damn sure that I could get my hands on an iPad, this is what I ended up with:

'iPad Hunting Map'

The worst case scenario would mean that I’m embarking on a journey as epic as The Amazing Race: the distance itself to visit every store could add up to a full marathon, if not more.

… or maybe it’s wake-up call that I need more friends who could help me buy it from Apple Online Store instead?

If you had noticed, I’ll be attending GeekCamp Singapore, which will be held at Singapore Management University on 4 September 2010. I’m totally excited about it seeing the list of topics that were covered: from face recognition to iAds.

Looking forward to see you there! 😊

From Windows to Linux to Mac

Seh Hui Leong


'My new Mac' by Seh Hui

I can’t really remember since when I have been drolling for a Mac: probably it’s as soon as I saw the very first iMac in fruity colours. And now, a decade later, I finally get to own my very first Macintosh: the humble Mac Mini.

And for the whole week, I have been staying up until three in the morning getting to know this new baby of mine: awed by the simplicity and beauty of the thing and OSX as well as banging on my head over its little differences and quirks. (I still can’t get over the fact that I couldn’t Shift-Delete files)

Having gone through and used all three major operating systems, namely Windows, Linux and OSX, I’m pretty surprised how similar all these systems works and certainly …

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